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Humans are meant to be the sentinels, protectors of wildlife and the environment.

Empathy is about our treatment of Orangutans and wildlife. I ask how we would feel if the roles where reversed?

In "Mercy" I talk, in part, about our self absorption while animals are taken to the brink of extinction. 

"Foster" is a discussion on what animals mean to us and their valuable place on the Earth. I believe it is wildlife that teaches us to be kind, empathetic and respectful.

I made this painting as I feel we should aspire to be more like wildlife: only take what we need and no more so we can all have hope for the future.


This painting is dedicated to mothers of every species. The extremes, the sacrifices and selflessness they will endure to ensure the survival of their offspring knows no limits. All mothers feel the same way about their babies and if we  respect and empathize with the nature of motherhood universally we should then treat every creature born with the greatest respect, mutual understanding and kindness as if our own.

The Red Fronted Macaw, is endangered. I've titled the painting "Legacy" so we can think of what our actions leave behind for future  generations.

I chose the Kirtland Warbler as a conservation success 

When we make time and effort to protect nature it gives it comes back to us and nurtures us in ways nothing else can.

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